The leading representative voice for children's sport and physical activity providers....

Compass has the vision that every child should have the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle. The number of boys and girls who are reaching the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines for physical exercise is in rapid decline, meaning a generation are growing up without physical activity as a normal part of their daily lives.

Compass acts to support, represent and give a voice to all providers of sport, physical activity and exercise in schools, the community, charities and public sector. 

We represent over 10,000 children's activity providers every day, working closely with the sector on issues such as skills and training, access to provision, and best practice. We also seek to highlight the importance of children picking up healthy habits with regards to activity and exercise early in life, and make this case to government, the media, and the general public.

We have worked closely with industry experts to implement the ‘Seal of Approval’ audit system and create the new suite of ‘Fit For Purpose’ Qualifications, the qualifications were developed with the support of AfPE.

Our aims are simple:

  • To be the leading authoritative voice of the sector to government, local authorities and the public at large
  • To serve our members by the establishment of a code of conduct that ensures our members are recognised by a "Seal of Approval"
  • To provide a range of benefits which support all of our members