Aims & Objectives

Our Mission:

To improve the standards of non-teaching specialists delivering Physical Activity & Sport into schools and the wider community in the UK.

Aims & Objectives

Compass is a ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation which aims to promote best practice and support its wider application in sport, physical activity, education, health, schools and the community by creating, implementing and administering quality benchmarking, Qualifications, Licensing & Career (CPD) frameworks with key stakeholders and our business leaders.

Our aims are simple:

  1. To be the leading authoritative voice of the industry to government, local authorities and the public at large.  This will be achieved by working closely with National Organisations, Government and leading agencies to ensure that the COMPASS Association is Fit For Purpose and adheres to regulation and legislation where appropriate.
  2. To protect the interests of our Members and end users by the establishment of a code of conduct that ensures our Members are recognised by a ‘Seal of Approval’.
  3. To provide a range of value added benefits that supports Members in their day to day business.
  4. To ensure that the Industry Sector is trustworthy, transparent and functional for all end users.