Code of Conduct Statement

Our purpose: 

  • Compass has been formed to act as unified representative and self-regulated trade association for all sports and activity suppliers and members are expected to develop their business in accordance with agreed Compass principles and values.

Our aims:

  • To be an ethical leader in the provision of sports and activity providers services.
  • To inspire others through partnership and cooperation.

Our values:

  • Self-help – we help people to help themselves.
  • Self-responsibility – we take responsibility for our actions.
  • Equality – we recognise all our stakeholders as equally important.
  • Equity – we carry out our business in a way that is fair and unbiased.
  • Solidarity – we share interests and common purposes with our stakeholders.

Our ethical values:

  • Openness.
  • Honesty.
  • Social responsibility – we encourage people and partners to take responsibility for their own community and work with them to improve it.
  • Caring for others – we will work with individuals and partners who share our vision and mission to develop initiatives that will improve the provision of sports and activities to the wider community.

Our principles (the way we deliver our values)

  • Open membership – membership is open to all sports and activity providers who meet the membership requirements for Compass
  • Member control – the governing Board is made up of Compass members who ensure that the needs and wishes of the sports and activity community are reflected in our policies.
  • Education, training and information – the development and facilitated delivery of the resources that members and partners need in order to meet their business needs.
  • Co-operation – we will work with any individual, community or organisation that shares our vision and values in order to strengthen the sports and activity community as a whole.
  • Concern for community – we will work to inspire, improve and develop the sports and activity agenda. 

Our approach:

  • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulation.
  • To ensure that our strategies take into account cost, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, safety, environmental impacts and workplace practices.
  • To provide our products and services to those who have a demonstrable commitment towards our vision and aims as a trade association.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in achieving our vision, mission and goals. Our members must:
    • Only undertake activities in areas where they are competent and can operate in a prudent and diligent manner.
    • Put in place systems and practices to ensure that professional competence is maintained and developed to fully meet the requirements of legislation and the demands of best practice.
    • Where relevant, inform the appropriate authority of any illegal or unethical risk or safety related matters.
    • Protect confidential information.
    • Conduct themselves with fairness when dealing with others and not engage in any form of discrimination.
    • Avoid practices that could be construed as anti-competitive.
    • Not accept any inducement that could compromise their decision making.
    • Seek to reduce the environmental impact of their work.
    • Assist all employees in their professional development through the use of the CAPRe register and support them in following this Compliance statement.
    • Never knowingly bring the Association or their fellow members into disrepute. 
Compass believes that the agreement by all its members to the above code represents an essential aspect of its strength as an organisation with the integrity, vision and awareness to represent the interests of the industry successfully.