What is the "Seal of Approval"?

Compass are working closely with Cardinus Risk Management who have prepared a rigorous audit and inspection process which will lead to organisations being awarded the Seal of Approval.

 All Compass Members who have passed the rigorous audit and inspection process will be awarded the “Seal of Approval” and be given permission to display the Compass Logo on their website and marketing literature showing the level of award that they have been granted.

COMPASS membership is an indication to schools, venue hosts, parents, other customers and agencies that the sports and/or physical activity provider is taking its responsibilities seriously and should operate safely, providing value for money and a positive experience.

Main Benefits of the “Seal of Approval”:
  • Minimises risk to providers
  • Provides peace of mind to parents and school teachers that children are safe
  • Provides realibility to school principals and school teachers
  • Provides credibility in the market place to government and local authorities for a large and growing sector
  • Improves sector standards and provides a quality benchmark for all organisations to aspire to.

The following flowchart shows the 'Seal of Approval' process - please note, this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.