In mid-September 2014 the Compass Board announced its intention to merge Compass with ukactive.

Compass was formed in 2011 as a representative body for providers of children’s activity & sport in schools & communities.

ukactive, is the not-for-profit health body which campaign for active lifestyles across the UK.

Who decided that Compass would integrate into ukactive?

The decision to merge was made by the Compass Board over the course of three Board meetings between June and September 2014.

The Board decided to integrate with ukactive on the basis of the growing overlap in role between the two organisations. Compass and its members support active lifestyles amongst children, ukactive call for similar action for the entire population. Both parties are committed to raising standards within the promotion of  activity be that within a leisure centre, school or outdoor space.

Will ukactive represent children’s activity?

ukactive is the not for profit health body and exists to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We build our policy positions based research, evidence, and the insights captured by our members every day. As such, as our membership grows we adapt and review our policies.

We already conduct numerous projects to improve children’s activity ranging from research within primary school settings, training activity volunteers to deliver children’s activity, and producing advice and guidance for activity programmes within the home.

What will happen to the Compass brand?

After November 2014 the Compass brand will be dissolve into ukactive, therefore the website and communications forum will cease to exist.

ukactive is planning to build on the success of previous quality assurance systems in order to build a system that can demonstrate the quality and expertise of providers and individuals delivering children’s activity and school sport.

When will the integration be decided?

The integration will be officially completed in March 2015 at which point all Compass members will be ukactive members.

Until March 2015 numerous new benefits and projects will be developed to support Compass and ukactive members who deliver children’s activity and sport.

What will happen with the Compass Board?

The Compass Board will cease to exist following March 2015 at which point all existing Compass members will be ukactive members.

Children’s activity providers will be represented on the ukactive membership council.

Will Compass have its own CEO?

Compass will not have its own CEO, rather as part of ukactive it will be led by the ukactive CEO and Executive Team.

I am a member of Compass will this automatically switch to ukactive?

Yes, your membership will automatically switch to ukactive however when you come to renew your existing Compass membership you will of course have the option to review your membership.

What membership benefits will I receive moving forward?

Moving forward all members will receive benefits including:

• Daily Media Reviews – outlining the key issues relating to children’s activity in the media

• Weekly reviews – outlining what policies, announcements and research have been published potentially impacting children’s activity

• Benchmarking – an online system allowing members to review their performance against peers in the market and share best practice

• Quality Assurance – a system that allows members to ensure they are operating at the highest possible standards

• Policy – all members will members will have their say and contribute to the ukactive manifesto which will then be communicated to policy makers, partners and others

• Events – a calendar of educational events for members explaining issues and research